Olga & Pierino

performers, Munich

Olga and Pierino are performers originating as circus artists. They use mime, improvisation, and dance in an innovative way to create poetic shows.


Their website opening page consists of a matrix of images, and is deliberately playful. On mouse-over the images animate to reveal where the links leads. Content pages use bright colours with matching images. Most pages contain large format slide-shows, to show their unique and innovative work.

Animations are HTML5/CSS3 driven; the website is optimised also for mobile devices; content can be managed directly by the client through the platform’s Content Management System.

Website artwork in collaboration with Jutta Nitschke.

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Visual identity

The visual identity and website capture Olga and Pierino’s “poetic universe”. For their programme, the poster-brochure uses a folding mechanism that lets one discover an image little-by-little. Bold colours, stripes and enigmatic pictures also appear in their new visiting card address stickers.