Our services

Boldset makes websites and online applications, and also designs all components of communication: visual identities, printed and digital media, and content.


We design and develop custom dynamic websites, which can be multilingual, include content and rights management, and database/script driven tools and capabilities.

For us, a good website is visually attractive, ergonomic, has a good information structure, includes a content management system, loads quickly, is optimised for various devices including mobile phones, and is search engine optimised.

All our websites are based on content management systems (CMS). A CMS permits our customers to author their websites via an easy-to-use interface — without having to know any web programming languages. A CMS lets our customers be the master of their own content. Our websites for professionals and artists are generally powered by WordPress, a globally used and well tested web environment.

Our company and institution websites are powered by Drupal, which is a robust enterprise class web development environment, and which allows for the development of more sophisticated web applications. Drupal is widely used (organisations using this platform include The Economist, The Louvre, Oxford University, and NYSE Euronext).

Visual identity
and design

Our visual identities are developed to capture the essence of a company or institution, and give an image, from the logo to a complete style guide. More than just a simple logo, they are whole graphical and typographical systems that give coherence across different communication supports.

We design printed and digital media, including for example: stationary (business card, letterhead, templates…), brochures both on and off-line, flyers, invitations, posters, publicity, presentations (PowerPoint etc.), newsletters including e-mail mailings, press packs, and annual reports.

We can also refresh existing visual identities, to modernise or adapt them to new situations, or when re-branding.


Good content is an integral part of the communication and web design mix, and we help our customers develop their content and content structures so that their website is easy to understand and leads to a clear, convincing, and well differentiated “communication message”.

Website applications

A website can be much more than just an expression of visual identity and clear conveyor of information: our web portals can include web applications, which (1) enable new or enhanced services, and (2) offer new back-office efficiencies.

To illustrate, taking education as an example…

1. Enhanced services: for EDUCO, a consortium of American universities that provides undergraduates with the opportunity to study for a semester in France, we custom built an online student noticeboard and event registration system. This makes it easier for students to know what is being organised and to register their participation — hence EDUCO is using web technology to provide a better service.

2. Improved back office efficiencies: for Roaming Schoolhouse, a language school that teaches English to bilingual children in many locations in Paris and also runs English camps, we built an on-line course registration system, thus dramatically improving this company’s administrative efficiency.

…in both the above examples, the client asked us for a website and we used web technologies to offer much more.

Customers explain to us their business system; we know the possibilities of the web technologies: together we can conjure value adding applications, to make our clients more competitive and more productive.

Some reasons to work with us

With the design, we give form, substance and coherence to the way our customers are perceived by others — every project is approached in a fresh way, with a unique result.

We facilitate sound information structures and help build good content, so that the message is informative and convincing — we give our customers the desirable “outside look”, in conjuring the message and the differentiators.

We are expert at building custom dynamic websites — offering unique design, and giving the customer full control of both the content and the manner in which it can evolve

We offer the enabling possibilities of modern tools and technologies — this broadens the communication mix, improves efficiency and allows new services.

We run a lean operation, and are flexible and responsive to our customers, who are primarily small and medium enterprises (SMEs), institutions and professionals.


Our goal: to help our customers succeed by providing compelling and value adding communication and web technology solutions.