Roaming Schoolhouse

language school, Paris

The Roaming Schoolhouse is a language school teaching English — from many locations in and near Paris — to bilingual children who follow the French school system. It organises holiday camps as well.

In addition, Boldset designed the visual identity and website for a Roaming Schoolhouse sister company, Schwa, that teaches French to senior executives and business schools. For Schwa we built also a custom teacher timesheet system.


The website, which is driven by Drupal, includes a registration system so that parents can register their children for courses and camps on-line: this offers convenience for the parents, and significant productivity improvements for Roaming Schoolhouse. Once a parent/child is registered other features become possible, like targeted group e-mails, and the system remembering the parents and children from year to year.

The site includes also closed user groups, such that registered parents have privileged access to their child’s private class web-page, where teachers post news and information. This increases parent knowledge of what happens in class, and reinforces their feeling of participation.

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Visual identity

With the redesign and re-building of the website, the visual identity has been refreshed. The jumbled letters in the logo and the ink-blot splash in the background show playfulness, which is inherent in teaching to kids.