Riad Kneife

Personal shopper, Paris

Riad Kneife is a professional buyer (personal shopper) for the antique, vintage and design markets of Paris and Provence.

Visual identity

The logo is based on the initials of Riad Kneife, to stress Riad’s business as a highly personal service. The logo is reminiscent of the monograms that artists leave as their signature on the objects they create.


Each page has a unique full-window background image which submerges the viewer into the atmosphere of the markets. The written content is in only two colours — black and sepia, and these texts are placed in either white of black translucent boxes “above” the background image. Typefaces used are the classical Walbaum and the web-font Open-Sans. Taken together, these features give this website its distinctive look.

The website content, including a “News & Reviews” blog, is managed by the customer via a content management system. The content management system, with an images slideshow template, is being used to create also private (password protected) per-customer spaces.

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