Jean-Jacques Henner Museum

museum, Paris

The Musée national Jean-Jacques Henner is housed in a late 19th century artist’s home. Henner’s paintings and many pieces from his studio provide insight into how an “official” painter worked and lived during this period. The museum had closed for extensive renovation and is being re-opened in 2016.

Visual identity

Boldset redesigned the visual identity, and designed and implemented the new stationary, invitation cards, advertisements, posters, signage and, of course, the new website.


The website is bilingual French-English. Its flat and simple structure makes it easy to navigate. To set a mood, the site opens with a full-page slide-show when on a computer screen. The user can then scroll down for summary content. The Drupal content management system was chosen for its robustness, and to offer a potential web applications growth path.

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